Looking to find the locations for Poldark in Cornwall? Check out this definitive guide from Masterpiece | PBS

Everyone is looking for the locations for Poldark This article – Where Was Poldark Filmed? was published this week by Masterpiece | PBS. Where was Poldark Filmed? The official locations guide. Get your definitive guide to five glorious seasons of Poldark‘s Cornwall, plus location revelations from the series’ production designer, and favorite hidden gems from […]

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D Day 75th Anniversary: Lucien Laborde’s story

D Day 75th Anniversary is 6 June 2019. Thousands of US troops were stationed in Cornwall, UK, where they prepared for the Allied invasion of France. This is part of Lucien Laborde’s fascinating account, the original full interview is available at the digital collection of the National WW2 Museum based in New Orleans. Laborde was […]

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