D Day 75th Anniversary Tours That Start At The Beginning


D Day 75th Anniversary Tours

D Day 75th Anniversary Tours of Cornwall provide you with an opportunity to see many of the places where the troops involved in the landings were based and set off from.

Cornwall is a beautiful county in the UK with numerous attractions including Poldark places to visit, amazing landscapes, and a rich history. And of course, just over the Tamar Bridge is Plymouth with its particularly special connections to the US including the Mayflower Steps.

The best way to take in all of this during your vacation is with guided tours that are designed to meet your specific interests.

Explore The Joint US And UK History With Cornwall Tours

Cornwall was heavily involved in the war effort during World War II. Airfields in the county were extended to accommodate larger bomber aircraft that were carrying our raids against U-boat facilities and pens and on occupied Channel ports.

Several airfields also acted as departure points for troops and supplies heading for the Mediterranean and Africa. This included airfields at St Mawgan and Portreath.

Of course, 75th D Day anniversary tours focus on the special relationship between Cornwall and the US. The county housed many of the US troops involved in the D Day landings and places like Mount Edgcumbe and Falmouth acted as embarkation points for the Normandy landings. Many of the original structures can still be seen at places like Mount Edgcumbe.

Guided D Day 75th Anniversary tours of these and other sites across Cornwall really provide you with a sense of their importance and the effect that the US troops had on the local communities both then and now.

D Day 75th Anniversary Tours

See The Splendours Of Cornwall As Part Of Tours For 75th Anniversary D Day Landings

Cornwall’s history and culture reach far back beyond the arrival of the ancient Romans to the Celts and druids that once ruled its lands. Throughout Cornwall, there remains evidence of these ancient cultures, their ways of life, religious traditions, and their lasting effect on the landscape. Taking the time to visit some of the stone circles and archaeological remains while visiting is essential to place the Cornish people and their heritage in context.

As part of your tours for 75th anniversary D Day, it is also worth taking the time to visit many of the manor houses and other buildings of historical significance. There are also gardens, museums, and historic mines that are a must during your stay. It is important that you do not approach old mines or mining areas without knowledge of your surroundings and a dedicated and knowledgeable guide. The ground in such places can be dangerous if you do not know where the old tunnels are positioned.

D Day 75th Anniversary Tours

Experience The Very Best D Day 75th Anniversary Tours With America Loves Cornwall

Whether you are a student of history or are interested in the culture and heritage of Cornwall, guided tours are the best way to get the most from your vacation.

Our guided D Day 75th anniversary tours allow you to see a range of significant sites across Cornwall and to learn more about the people, the culture, and their place in history.

At America Loves Cornwall we value the special relationship that the USA has with the UK and create tours that help to foster that relationship in those who take them. To learn more about our tours, visit our website at or call us on +44 (0) 1872 309 869.