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How to travel to Cornwall

Cornwall is around 280 miles from London and is easily accessed by air to Cornwall Airport Newquay via several ports of entry including transatlantic routes operated by Aer Lingus into Ireland, also by rail, road or sea via cruise ships stopping in at Falmouth.

At America Loves Cornwall we recognise how daunting international travel can be.

There is a bewildering amount of websites out there offering to take the sting out of your arrangements, and they all offer to make it a seamless experience for you.

To ensure that we know you will get the best help in every aspect of your precious vacation we have partnered with travel experts the world over.  

We can offer you the same personal door to door service you expect from your local travel agent, but with the added advantage of being the number 1 professional touring and accommodation agency specialising in vacationing in Cornwall.  

Knowing the UK as we do, we advise on all extended visits whether you want to stay here in the South West or all the length and breadth of the country on your own bespoke “Brit Lit” or “Brit Drama” adventure.  

We will arrange flights, trains, rentals, transfers, hotel and accommodation for you and make sure everyone knows of your arrival and your requirements in advance.

All you need to do is pack your bags, water the plants and make sure someone is looking after your cat!  We will do the rest.

Give us a call or book a consultation with us, and let the magic unfold.