Looking to find the locations for Poldark in Cornwall? Check out this definitive guide from Masterpiece | PBS

Everyone is looking for the locations for Poldark

This article – Where Was Poldark Filmed? was published this week by Masterpiece | PBS.

Where was Poldark Filmed? The official locations guide. Get your definitive guide to five glorious seasons of Poldark‘s Cornwall, plus location revelations from the series’ production designer, and favorite hidden gems from Poldark‘s cast. You’ll soon be packing your bags to hit the iconic windswept cliffs, pounding surf, and sparkling seas that have thrilled us for so long with their tempestuous beauty—or at least, you can flex your credentials as a Poldark completist while adding these Cornish beaches on to your bucket list and binging the series all over again with PBS Passport, an added member benefit!

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A link to the full article listing locations for Poldark in Cornwall is reproduced from the Masterpiece | PBS original on our sister organisation’s website, Poldark’s Cornwall, here.

Poldark’s Cornwall also have descriptions of how to get to many of the locations for Poldark in this post.

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