Poldark Places To Visit That Bring The Series To Life


Looking for Poldark places to visit? We can get you EXCLUSIVE access to the location used for ‘Nampara’

Poldark places to visit are spread throughout Cornwall and include the real-life village that was the inspiration for Sawle. Adding the Poldark experience to your UK visit or Plymouth Pilgrims tour is a must if you want to experience the breath-taking beauty of the Cornish countryside, its amazing coastline, and its stately homes and gardens.

Guided tours with knowledgeable guides allow you to get a better understanding of where fiction and myth meet the truth about many aspects of Cornwall’s hidden and often dark past. Our expert guide Karen Colam also provides you with a better insight into the land, the people, their culture and heritage, and the important role Cornwall still plays today.

Get Exclusive Access To Poldark Filming Locations

While it is possible to see many of the locations on your own and to travel the county without a guide, (as shown here) you do miss out by taking this approach.

Going to Poldark places to visit as part of a guided tour gives you exclusive access to filming locations that are generally closed to the public.

This includes locations that are privately owned, including the farm that is used as Nampara. Only with America Loves Cornwall, and our sister company Poldarks Cornwall, can you get exclusive access here. 

Guided tours are also the safest way to see many of the locations including tours of tin mines used before a mine set was built by the studio; there are also very narrow lanes approaching many of the locations that are easy to get stuck down. And, you wouldn’t want to be caught at Bodmin jail alone as it is one of many reportedly haunted sites on the tours…

See More Than Just The Location For Poldark Filming When You Book With America Loves Cornwall

Of course, Cornwall is much more than just the location for the very popular Poldark series.

As well as Poldark places to visit, there are museums, country parks, and of course, Bodmin moor with its infamous beast.

There are miles of rugged coastline with its tales of wreckers and smugglers and, just across the Tamar, you have Plymouth with its amazing Naval history.

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